Truuue Rental - For Tenant Agents 

Do you have a tenant but feeling frustrated?  
  • Too many listings to search through everyday, most of them reposts/duplicates
  • Details of listings are not sufficient
  • Landlords or their agents are hard to reach

Get matched with the latest listings

We hear your pain...and created Truuue Rental!

Save you time and reduce your stress:

  • Just specify your requirements once and we will continuously look out for new listings - on all major listing portals - that meet your requirements 
  • Best of all, we ask the landlords' agents to check if they can meet your tenant's requirements before inviting you.  No need to go through irrelevant listings anymore!
  • When you accept the invite, we will connect both of you directly.  You retain control.  Just let us know when you have closed and we'll stop the matching on your behalf

Save Time

Be instantly matched with listings when they are posted on Truuue or the major listing portals


Save Money

Totally free for pilot Tenant Agents and Tenants!


Get Invitations

Connect only with agents who agree to co-broke with you.

"I had to go thru 300 listings to find a few good candidates for my tenant to view." - Agent from Edmund Tie and Company